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Born in Vratza in 1973. Tzekova now lives and works in Graz (Austria).
She employs primarily intervention and appropriation, and focuses on rethinking and transforming objects, situations and systems.

In the last years she realized multiple projects in public space: Reconstructed Identity (Belgrade, Serbia, 2005), SWITCHABLES (St.Niklaas, Belgium, 2010), and Space Appropriators (Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, 2012- 2015).

By the wish boat ceremony one makes a wish or a promise and sets it afloat on a self made small boat. In the video one person is making the boat, and thus the wish, the dream or the promise, and another is setting afloat. This results in a total failure, the wish boat sinks and disintegrates very quickly.
Art is a language itself and any writing about it is a mere attempt to translate it.
Here is my brief interpretation of the Wish Boat video: “hope floats, but set afloat and follow your own wishes and dreams you, not somebody else have for you or readymades or conditioned you to follow. Living somebody else's life is a lost cause, a sinking ship.” V.T.