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Born in 1974, Kathmandu. Lives and works in Kathmandu.
Sujan Chitrakar is an artist, art educator and independent curator who explores and experiments with various visual mediums including drawings, paintings, multimedia installations, videos and performances. His recent works deal with subtle nuances of shared human stories that shape personal and interpersonal relationships.
As an art educator, he has nurtured some of today’s most important Nepali young contemporary artists at the Center for Art and Design of Kathmandu University. He is a recipient of Fulbright Fellowship at Mural Arts Program, Philadelphia (2013-14). He is a member of curator team for Photo Kathmandu and also co-curated Kathmandu International Art Festival KIAF. He played an instrumental role mobilizing volunteers after the earthquake in 2015 and “Rebuilding Bungamati” remains one of the most successful community art projects ever. In his leisure, he organizes PechaKucha Night in Kathmandu.

This performance is dedicated to the artist’s grandfather. Back in the 1930s, the late Chiniya Chitrakar was one of the first Chitrakars* to move his studio from its traditional space in the attic to the more entrepreneurial ground floor. This participatory performance is a testament to our times. It recalls our past and all those who have contributed to making this moment, this performance, possible. It embodies the artist’s frustrations with all those whom we marked on our ballots. It contemplates what all those marks have meant and what lies ahead of us.
*Chitrakars are traditional painters from the valley of Kathmandu and are responsible for traditional and ritual arts.