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Born in 1990, Chengdu. Lives and works in London.
Her recent solo presentations include half-sung, half spoken, Serpentine Pavilion, London (2017); Strongholds, Lychee One, London (2017); Originally Inclusive, CFCCA, Manchester (2016); At Home, Surplus Space, Wuhan (2016); Forms Escape: Prologue, Chisenhale Gallery, London (2016); Shoulders of Giants, Senate House, London (2015).

Through moving image and performative events, Shen’s practice examines the techniques and effects of how emotion, judgment, and ethics circulate through individual and collective subjects.

An essayistic film concerning the proposal by Chinese Billionaire Mr. Ni Zhaoxing and ZhongRong Holdings Group to rebuild Crystal Palace in South London. The film adopts the perspective of a guest at a dinner table, realised through narratives in which differences are to be reclaimed in both historical and personal contexts.