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Garcia was born in Santo Domingo, in 1966 and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.
Her artworks were recently exhibited in New York, Staten Island and Philadelphia (USA).
Also in 2015 in the series “Testimony across the disciplines: Queensborough Communities College respond to Genocide through Art and Writing, at the Harriet and kenneth Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives, Queens, NY.
Social issues like migration and assimilation are sources of Garcia’s inspiration. Watching the news on television she heard a story about Cubans' tragic attempts to cross the ninety miles of water dividing Cuba from Florida, and another one about Dominican citizens attempts to cross the shark infected Canal de la Mona to reach Puerto Rico.

“The title of this film refers to the town Sabana de La Mar, where I recruited people who had experienced the trip, as well as others whose family members perished during attempts to reach Puerto Rico.
I found myself overwhelmed by stories and emotions. I was determined to create a piece of art from this tragedy. I mounted a workshop to make lifesavers, personal flotation devices to be made of umbrella fabric and foam, materials easily found in the town. The pink color of the lifesaver fabric symbolized the dream of a perfect trip abroad. The setting for the action was the beach from which the boats depart to Puerto Rico. People gathered and told me their stories, wearing their new, pink lifesavers, on which I drew with ink. This project provoked a series of conversations and opinions about this issue amongst the Caribbean communities.” S.G.