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Born in 1975, Wilrijk. Lives and works in Brussels.
Ruben Bellinkx studied Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam an at Sint-Lucas, Ghent. Recent solo- and group exhibitions include: ‘Ecco Homo’ several locations, Antwerpen (2017), ‘The Raft. Art is (not) Lonely’ Mu.Zee, Ostend (2017) and ‘Musical Chair’ Project space Nun, Berlin (2015).

In his drawings, films and installations, Ruben Bellinkx is first and foremost interested in the blurring of boundaries between subject/object, life/death, nature/culture, possible/impossible. The way in which human beings treat the animal and the natural, and the consequences of domestication play an important role. The clash between a bourgeois, almost domestic conformism and an uncontrolled dynamic of water, plants and animals is a recurrent element in his work. With daily and commonly recognisable elements the viewer is confronted with unimaginable situations. Therefore he has to reconsider his pre-conditioned position. Through multi layered images today’s “safe” reality is shown in a vulnerable and fragile way.

In this film we see a chair being attacked by three dogs.
The dogs compete with each other to gain possession of it.
Eventually the fight results in the destruction of the chair.
Courtesy Ruben Bellinkx and Geukens & De Vil