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Paolo Chiasera was born in 1978 in Bologna. Lives and works in Berlin.
He is an artist, writer and curator. In 2013, he founded 'Secondo Stile: a nomadic canvas-based artist-run exhibition-space', which focuses on the production, presentation, and discourse of contemporary art and culture. Among his solo exhibitions are: GAM (Torino, 2002), MAMBO (Bologna, 2006), MACRO (Rome, 2008), MARTa Herford (Herford, 2009), SMAK (Gent, 2010), galleria Massimo Minini (Brescia, 2003, 2008, and 2011), MAN (Nuoro, 2014), De Vleeshal (Middelburg, 2014), Daniel Marzona (Berlin 2015, 2017).
Chiasera’s multi-disciplinary work, involving video, performance and architecture is characterized by his inquiries into painting as medium in its expanded field of appearance and use. Chiasera examines and experiments with how pre-existing structures or artifacts can be reinvented to serve a purpose or embody a form different from the one it had before.

Under the title Condensed Heidegger’s Hut, Paolo Chiasera explores the theories of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889–1976). In Heidegger’s most famous work, Being and Time (1927), “Being” is examined in direct relation with the flow of “Time.” In Heidegger’s view‚ the existential and ontological constitution in the totality of “Being” is grounded in temporality.