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Born in San Salvador, El Salvador, 1961. Lives and works in Washington, D.C., U.S.A. and in El Salvador.
Her art has been on view in numerous institutions. Muriel Hasbun is the founder and director of Laberinto Projects and Professor Emerita of the GWU/Corcoran School of Arts and Design. She received a MFA in Photography in 1989 from The George Washington University, where she studied with Ray K. Metzker, and an AB from Georgetown University in French Literature in 1983.
Born and raised in El Salvador to a Palestinian Christian/French Jewish family, artist Muriel Hasbun works through an intergenerational, transnational and transcultural vision, constructing contemporary narratives and establishing a space for dialogue where individual and collective memory spark new questions about identity and place.

“When my father was sick, I felt the need to talk with him about many things, including some that were not so easily broached. Before leaving for El Salvador on what became one of my last visits before his death, I found a little blue paper boat that he had made for my son. The side of the boat advertised the miracle of antioxidants. But we all knew that neither antioxidants nor any other treatment would save his life.
That’s how the idea came to me: we would make paper boats with documents that marked our lives and the history of our family. We would remember births, weddings, deaths, and migrations, along with houses and land still owned or already sold, in El Salvador or even in Bethlehem. Together we reminisced, and while we deciphered stamps and dates on the documents before us, we also managed to speak about his wishes after he’d no longer be with us.” M.H.