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Born in 1984 in Asmara.
Her work and artistic practice mainly focuses on questions around migration, colonial history and border politics, whether It be in a physical form or in different digital transformations. Haile has done work that revisits different methods of online as well as analogue archives. Her work often seek to instigate an alternative and interdisciplinary dialogue. With a political landscape, cartographies, and affective potential her projects hopes to play a critical actor in the art_field of examining and perhaps confronting the viewer/reader on how one might understand archival imagery. Possibly also a historical recovery by using archives as a medium. Often presented within multimedia installation.

A visual study on Eritrea´s written language, Tigrinya and the Geez alphabet. The film seeks to investigate how to interpret the history of a young nation, Eritrea´s 30 year freedom struggle and its language Tigrinya as an online document. By using several quotations written digitally in Tigrinya, one might associate this with Eritrean female activists in a certain era and layered with a viral digital landscape, the film is a visual study of the written language and the Geez alphabet. As the written language as well as the oral, plays a central role in Eritrea’s history and culture the digital examination may introduce a transformation linked to current time of the country’s history but may also introduce a futuristic “post human“ time and concept.