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“Construction as a process led me to lose myself in architecture, images, beer, woodworking or writing. So I explore the construction of things, meanings, projects, spaces, homes or shelters, because I still haven’t quite understood what the purpose of results might be. But that isn’t really very important, no more so than the fact of being—so it seems—a man born in 1980 and living in Lisbon, which has ceased being the city it still is for me.” M.S.

“Between Le Havre and Buenos Aires, between the desire to leave and the refusal to get there, between boredom and absence, 17925.082 seconds comprise the total exposure for a trip aboard a cargo ship. The video is a transcription of that slice of life, of the physical and mental experience I traversed while a technological device recorded the time and space traversed.
One of the first things I did on reaching my destination was to send news asking for help to process the images. Then I put the pictures two by two and used the same music six times, without other editing because that seemed to me the best way to reproduce the tempo and duration, the sensation of each instant and the possibility of withdrawing into one’s mental island.” M.S.