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Masasit Mati is a group of Syrian professional artists who belong to different artistic specialties, gathered by a true conviction in the role of art in delivering a humanitarian message with values such as equality, justice, acceptance, forgiveness, etc.
Masasit Mati is also a series using puppets to criticize what is happening in Syria in a black comedy style, the episodes usually don’t last for more than 5 minutes.
The name refers to the straw used to drink Mati, a herbal tea popular among all the Syrian society, including the regime’s own security forces, but now largely unavailable due to economic sanctions.

About the episode Hamlet
In this final episode of Top Goon Reloaded, we wound back the clock to remember the faces of the uncountable victims of the criminal rule that continued thanks to the world's silence and complicity. And the Syrian Hamlet asks himself: What does it still mean “to be or not to be”?  This episode is a tribute to all free Syrians and free people in the world who were bold enough to dream of change in their countries while knowing that they'd a very high price for this in this cruel world.