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Born in 1961 in Istanbul, Turkey. Lives and works in Erzincan, Turkey
Kutlug Ataman studied film at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA, graduating with an MFA in 1988. His films and artworks have been exhibited extensively worldwide. He was awarded many awards internationally.
Kutluğ Ataman is a filmmaker and contemporary artist. Ataman's early works examine the ways in which people and communities create and rewrite their identities through self-expression, blurring the line between reality and fiction. His later works focus on history and geography as man-made constructs.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare consists of 14 comedies, 11 tragedies and 10 histories handwritten directly on pellicule. Rather than treating the play as a narrative construct to be represented on stage, this work treats it purely as a text to be presented, thus reflecting on the Eastern notion of the book as a beautiful object as well as the container of knowledge. The resulting work is a conceptual animation, that nevertheless contains within it Shakespeare’s dramas and Western ideals.