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Born in 1966, Marseille. Lives and works in Paris,
He teaches at ENSAPC paris/Cergy since 2010. He is the co founder of the artist run space Public>, Paris (1999-2006) and the co founder and redactor of the art critic magazine Trouble (2002-2008).
Boris Achour is a protean artist with pop and conceptual ambitions, he develops a practice in fluid formalism that is resolutely accessible to metaphysics. He believes in the hypnotic power of the media, in the ‘guruisation’ of human relations, and he works in reaction to this daily manipulation—that he seems to abhor as much as it fascinates him. (Dorothée Dupuis - 2008)

Everything starts from a sound apparition, a fluid and cavernous sound, which returns in metallic echo and suggests the staggering pitch or the mechanical acceleration of a railway engine. It envelops the first images of the video Conatus, Night of the Dancer (2009) and recalls, following Luigi Russolo , that "the variety of sounds is infinite". (Eva Prouteau - 2013)