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Born in 1982 in Luanda, lives and works in CITY
Binelde Hyrcan spent the first years of his life in Angola. A child during the war, he was profoundly marked by the deaths and massive destruction in the city. In his teens, he went to study in France. After completing a BA in Nice, he joined the School of Fine Arts in Monaco: the Bosio Pavilion.

A Jack of all trades, Binelde Hyrcan does not stop at performances and installations. He also did set design, he invented the Moye Chair, a chair based on computer keyboards, he has directed many music videos, …

This is Binelde Hyrcan’s quest: in his installations and performances he wants us to reflect on the absurdity represented by political and social customs and attitudes. To this end, he sits on a giant chair in the middle of Luanda (the capital of Angola), right in front of a state building, more significantly directly under a somewhat special tree, the one that contains the most birds in the city and hence the largest amount of excrement droppings. One day, for the whole day, Binelde Hyrcan, dressed elegantly, would receive a hail of excrement on his head. He named his performance White Rain; the white rain of bird droppings... Everything was filmed and shown at an exhibition in Monaco.