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Born in 1974, Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia.
Aleksandar Spasoski is a representative of visual and multimedia artists, remarkable as video artist from the Balkan scene who graduated painting in Fine Arts from the “Cyril and Methodious” Art Academy 1997 in Skopje, after which he obtained a Degree in the field of New Media Art and Video at the ADBK in Munich, Germany under the mentorship of Prof. Klaus Vom Bruch 2008 and MA in new media art at Milano Brera Academy and Skopje University of fine arts 2013.

His artistic work includes an involvement in various projects such as: Conceptual art, video art, installations, film and documentary, painting, sound and music. Spasoski uses themes from existentialism and social-political issues as post- conceptual discourse as well very profound aesthetically solutions as a formalistic interest.

This video shows screened water on a sink surface that interacts with the tab water and the sink  itself. The work of art as additional part of architectural modification of space and the object in space as a cultural meaning where people are spending every day habits of using water as something essential and crucial. The water in south east european and regions that are influenced from Islamic culture has its major importance which is placed upon purity and cleanliness, but also the essential role in Purification through ablution which is an obligatory component of the Islamic prayer ritual.